12-Swings and roundabouts

7th May 2020

I’m four days into my radiotherapy and 4/5 of week 1 (round 1) done. I’ve done really well. Larry the Lump hasn’t really laid a glove on me. Not feeling pain or anything.

My radiographer team ask me every day how I am – and yep I’m well upbeat. ‘That’ll change’, they say ominously – ‘but don’t worry Woz, we’ll get you through it’. That comes across 100% sincere and it’s a warm feeling. The connection is already there.

I had a blood test prior day, to check kidney function and this was discussed with me by Dr Grant.

‘Ah, it’s your kidneys Warren’ he says, looking straight at me. ‘They’re getting on a bit – nothing to worry about, they ‘re doing just enough work, but the particular chemotherapy drug we planned for you – Cisplatin, does attack the kidneys’. I understood that – doing just enough work is how I’ve got through many jobs in life!

‘Also, he continued, we’re obviously making risk assessments on all chemo patients regarding COVID-19; the age of the patient and the possibility of contracting the virus, because of lowered immunity due to chemo’.

I’d flagged that up previously as a concern of mine – the sheer irony that Covid might finish me off in the early stages of curing a tumour – because of the treatment, wasn’t something I wanted to consider – although it is of course a very real issue.

‘So on balance, we’ve decided that no chemo is the best course of action in your case.’ Dr Grant continued ‘ The chemo only ever shrinks a tumour – it’s the radiology that eradicates it – and that’s of course the plan all along’.

The old 'uns are best - background to Cisplatin cancer treatment

So it’ll move the ‘wellness slider’ a notch or two to the left, but the long term prospects (kidneys etc) around 10 notches to the right. Swings and roundabouts to a man of simple explanations such as me.

Life and death decisions that my team are making on my behalf.

As I’ve said before, I have complete faith in my doctor and his team. No argument from me, no request for a second opinion – just get on with it Doc, I’m with you 100%

So now I have a clear run at Larry – no chemo to slow me down and 5 weeks to go.

Larry landed a couple of blows of Friday 8th just as the bell was ringing for the end of round1/week 1.

That only winded me, but I felt it nonetheless. Seems to make me feel 20 years older, I’m walking at one-third pace;  eating is minimal and I could already win a sleeping-contest.

At least I have the weekend to get some strength back – bring on week 2 😊

Week 1 round-up:

Weight: 127.4kg
Appetite: 70%

Fluoride toothpaste 5000 PPM
Mouthwash – Caphosol

5 thoughts on “12-Swings and roundabouts”

  1. Good to read all is going well. Ding ding!
    Good to hear too that the chemo has been shelved. Mine was dropped after just two sessions. I was very happy about that since it made me feel really quite ill after the second lot.
    Best you can do at the moment is eat like a horse. A good excuse to stuff yourself and enjoy your favourite foods.

    Don’t need telling twice about eating mate. Absolute heaven right now, I’ll take it while I can.

  2. Keep your chin(s)up! It sounds like you are getting fantastic treatment.
    Some extra sleep will be no problem for you !!

  3. Hi yep every time go with the team .I was planned for 3 but at the review prior to my 3 rd one we took joint decision nit to push my kick any further ,I was and still am lucky ni tinnitus kidneys working fine .In fact I turned question round to my dr and said if I was your wife what would you recommend and I agreed with him. Radiotherapy is the main course of treatment for our cancers ,Hope next week progresses slowly and some point it all changes almost from one minute to the next .But there’s if you need anything .
    Hazel x onwards and upwards

    Thanks H – you’re rapidly becoming a pillar of strength for me! x

  4. Sound like the week went well, round 2 next week, good that the chemo is dropped that wont make you feel good at all, rest and eat keep your strength up, speak soon Warren.

    Cheers mate – love to your lovely ladies x

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