13-Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

15th May 2020

Last weekend did allow some recovery from the week-one treatment and by the start of week 2, I was feeling pretty good, all things considered.

Week 2 / round two seemed, on the face of it – to be more of the same. Now that the week is over and completed 10 treatments out of 30, I’m starting to get the feel for things.

And oh boy, can I feel them…

So I get a ‘fractional’ dose of radiation each day. My treatment calls for 65 grays (Gy) of energy over the six weeks period. With 30 days of treatment, that’s a fraction over 2Gy per day. It has a cumulative affect (building-up) of adding to the previous dose(s). Therefore, it follows that the side-effects also build up.

And they do.

Monday and Tuesday – yep, still feeling tired but that’s easily manageable, just add sleep (so to speak). Then on Wednesday my throat became a proper sore throat.

Funny really, even with Larry the Lump still in place – it’s never been even the slightest of painful to touch. The original left-side throat pain was still there and still with the mildest of pain.

The best I can say is Larry either got a sucker punch in while I was dancing around the ring in true Mohammed Ali style, or he somehow got a handful of broken glass for me to chew. Whatever. Suddenly, swallowing became a pain – a real pain.

On its own no real problem but combined with my sense of taste failing has resulted in a loss of appetite. Not something that Big Wozzer is used to!

I guess it’s been coming, because I weighed in at 4kg / 9lb lighter in just a week. Added to this are the ulcer-type sores developing on my tongue and inner cheeks.

Discussed all this on Thursday with my specialist nurse Vicky and one of the nutritionists, Laura. It’s vital to keep trying food by mouth so that I don’t lose swallow function – but isn’t at all easy in practice.

For comparison – on Monday night I polished off a decent place of fish, chips and peas – vinegar, tartare sauce.. the works. By this weekend, it took 30 minutes to finish half-carton of fresh soup.

I’m going to need to get my ring craft sorted quickly…
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee was all well and good for Ali – he did it with style.
I perhaps more resemble: Fly like Buzz Lightyear and sting like a butterfly 😉
Bring on round 3 anyway!

Week 2 round-up:

Weight: 122.7kg
Appetite: 30%

Fluoride toothpaste 5000 PPM
Mouthwash – Caphosol
Pain: Paracetamol
Local anaesthetic: Gelclair oral rinse

16 thoughts on “13-Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

  1. you’re doing amazing Dad! 🙂
    smashed week 2
    here’s hoping you’re upgraded onto something slighter more punchy than paracetamol soon! xxx

  2. Hi best advise I can give you for next week make sure you’ve adequate pain control I had. A 7 week course of radiotherapy 70 gy with chemo on week 1 and 4. I know others who at the end of week 3 were on co codomol supplemented with oramorph .So make sure yiu are well stocked uo with meds and use your peg to keep on top of nutrition as it’s vital these next few weeks .plus try to keep swallow going but remember meds can go in via peg. I’ve been there done it and come through the other side now 21 month post radiotherapy. It’s horrid when yiu e no painbedote it starts to how rubbish yiu feel ,I’ve cried in kitchen floor in middle of night. just to remind you the dreaded mucus will start soon.Make sure you have a nebuliser at the ready my hospital gave me one use it .Keep on fighting Ali would be proud of you xx

    Yeah – had to start somewhere on the pain meds. Already sorted and have the good gear (oramorph) 🙂

  3. Richie & Gill

    Keep up with the ringcraft Wozzer, we all know you’re tough as old boots ( well uggs anyway😜)
    Lots of love coming your way from us both in Oz mate.

  4. Hi Warren, keep that fight going you will beat this.

    Sending positive thoughts, love and hugs


  5. Hi Warren. Tim doesn’t start work until the 2nd of June. If you need anything or even lifts to the hospital please please let us know. He doesn’t mind doing it for you at all. Take care. Xx

  6. Didn’t realize you had trouble with your ring too ,sorry to hear that.Burning the candle at both ends so to speak!
    Keep it up and best wishes Tequila man 🥳

  7. James Herriot

    Message to Wozza from the Right Reverend Jim Callerton all way from Chicago! Sending you all my best wishes and may the Lord be with you. News of your situation made me think back to our last meeting with the Gospel Choir in downtown Chicago. That was one hell of a coming out party and performing on that stage with the choir and my tambourine will forever be etched on my brain. One of many great times together. Look forward to many more to come. May the Lord be with you. All the best – Rev Jim

    Ahh, Reverand Jim. Thanks ever so much for thinking of me. Yall’s such a great reverand. Our gospel brunch, with fried chickin, biscuits, gravy and all the fixin’s – along with vague memories of the freeflow bloody mary cocktails- and of course the coming out party, will be with me forever! I still have the photos, Woz x 😉

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