17-Ring that bell Woz

12 June 2020

Into the final week of treatment and I certainly know I’ve been in a fight. All of the previous 5 weeks malaise continues, with the added complications of neck burns and sickness (vomiting).

I’ve been using E45 moisturiser since week one, twice a day – all around my neck and under chin. It hasn’t been a problem until late in week 5, but now the whole area is quite tender and sore.

The feeling of sickness and vomiting is again, an expected side-effect of radiotherapy. There is medication for it, but it’s another drug that I have to be careful of, because of my kidneys. So I’m limited to one a day. And that isn’t enough to stop the queasy feeling in the mornings.

So my mornings upon waking are now a decision to hold off on my PEG tube feed until after sickness, or go straight into my feed and meds:

  • a) before feeding leaves me retching with nothing to bring up (not even bile) or
  • b) after feeding and just brings all back up – so go through the whole rigmarole again.

I just deal with it – I find option (a) – the morning retch is good exercise as well. Good enough for Woz, anyway.

And so the final week goes on, counting down the days until 12th June – final treatment. No matter how much pain and discomfort I have and have been through, this is a day that I’ve been counting to, since the start of treatment on 4th May.

And it’s a happy day. I’ve brought in some tins of biscuits for the reception and radiology teams. They have been ever so helpful over these six weeks of my life and never failed in either their friendliness, helpfulness or professionalism. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to some good friends.

But I don’t want to see them again – professionally that is. There are too many to list all, but Will, Abby, Liam, Eloise and Anthony are just some of the amazing radiology team I’m saying thanks to.

As an added ‘bonus’ Samros and Nisa were allowed into the unit for my final day, so they could see the setup of me on Ms Cherry, collect Manny the Mask and then finally – to Ring The Bell – announcing that radiology treatment is over !!!

So that’s the six weeks of treatment over. But it doesn't stop there.

Some people say this week and the subsequent two weeks post treatment are the hardest, because at maximum dose. I’m prepared for this – at least there is light at the end of the tunnel

All of the radioactive energy that has been administered over the weeks, is now continuing to work inside of me. Much like a microwave keeps 'cooking' food for a while.

So for now, I’ll just pierce myself in a few places, cook according to instructions and stand for a few minutes, before serving the next post 😉

14 thoughts on “17-Ring that bell Woz”

  1. james herriot

    Hi Wozza –
    Well done and watching you ring that bell brought a tear to my eye. I have some concept of what you have and are going through having watched my sister follow the same journey and treatment just one year ago. I was with her on Sunday and can report that she is doing amazingly well. She was enquiring after you and like me finds your blog inspirational – and no doubt beneficial to others.
    All the best – Rev Jim

  2. Well done Wozz, I hope you will feel a lot better soon enough! Thank you for allowing me be with you on this journey just like when you went from Spain around the world! Xx

  3. 🥂We are having a small libation to celebrate you coming through the worst part with such a positive frame of mind.
    Let’s hope that you start to feel better soon and that once you are allowed to travel you are welcome to come and spend some time with us “ recuperating”!
    Love from Beverley and Martin X

    1. Well done woz you look slimmed down in the video keep it up mate, also liked the way you rang the bell and neatly bashed samros in the ear ? Hope you can get rid of the sickness soon and start feeling better
      Love ray and liz

    2. Well done Wozza. I’ve just finished my 6 weeks of radiotherapy today and very relieved too. Just got to get through these next few weeks. All the best. Dave✊

  4. Jayne Benmosche

    Your determination is very impressive. I hope your neck area heals quickly. It looks like you had a nasty experience centuries ago at the Tower of London! 😊 Although I haven’t seen you since your visit around 50 years ago, you are looking good for everything you have been through. Hugs to your mum and keep up the great attitude!

  5. Your candour and courage are very moving .

    I’m sure you‘ll find a way to keep strong – even when it’s tough. It’s just one more step on your rocky road to be overcome in your journey.

    Best, best wishes.

  6. Well done Warren. Knew you could do it. Hope you feel a lot better soon. Let me know when you feel well enough for a catch up.

    Take care xxx

  7. Well done, mate. Our money’s always been on you! We’ve cracked open a bottle of really good red, which is “breathing” tantalisingly on the worktop as we speak, to celebrate the end of your radiotherapy. Is 11.59 too early to start? It wasn’t in Cafayate (10a.m. & slightly squiffy – and we have the blackmail photos to prove it).
    Keep up the good work, champ. Looking forward to the day we can speak properly on the ‘phone. Love to Samros & Nisa.

  8. Charles Babault

    Very well done Warren on getting through the radiology with such fortitude. Really you are an inspiration. And we look forward to your next bulletin and good news. All the best from the three of us here in Thailand.

  9. Wozza! Great to hear the end of treatment bells! You are an inspiration, goes to show what you can put up with, stay strong mate (Kia kaha). We will have a drink for you tonight. Kelxx

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