31-Big balls are not aways desirable

1st December 2021

Well, it was always coming, but a bit of a shock just the same. I’ve had a nagging pain in my back for a good couple of months or so. Not a lower back muscular pain and certainly not a sports injury!

I flagged this up at my recent meeting with my Oncologist – the ever-professional Dr Warren Grant. He did say that secondary tumours in the lung sometimes show few symptoms and for those that do, a low ‘nagging’ pain is not uncommon.

So, definitely time for a new CT scan to see what’s developed since my previous scan back in May, when the tumours were still relatively small.

The results of the scan came back last week and yep, it was a bit of a shock – to me, at least.

Metastatic (secondary) tumour development in right lung

Jan 2021 May 2021 Nov 2021 About the size of…
Tom 17mm 20mm 55mm Snooker / Pool ball
Dick 14mm 15mm 36mm Ping Pong / Squash ball
Harry 7mm 11mm 29mm Lollypop candy

I say ‘to me’ because Dr Wozzer indicated that these sizes are not too bad, when considering the overall size of a lung.

“Oh really?” I thought.

Anyway, he decided that now is a good time to begin treatments. The plan is for some ‘palliative radiotherapy’ now and most likely to follow with some cycles of chemotherapy in the new year.

So a couple of days, ago I was back to the Oncology Centre in Cheltenham, for a pre-treatment scan and some body mark-up.

Felt a bit strange (and disappointing) to be walking back in there nearly 18 months after the throat radiotherapy.

In another respect, a feeling of familiarity: The same receptionist greeted me with a ‘Hi Warren’ - obviously remembering me (or at least remembering the tin of biscuits I left back then).

And the radiologist doing the prep work was the ever-friendly William – who is always bright and cheerful and became a good ‘mate’ during the hard weeks of treatment back in May / June 2020.

Will took me through the procedure which was a quick scan to see the tumour locations and then a tiny ink tattoo on my chest, which defines the ‘reference point’ that will be used when aiming the radiation treatment.

I’ve known all year this treatment was coming – and I’m ever so glad that Dr Grant held off until mow. It’s allowed me a good summer and autumn to get around and see family and friends.

Equally I’m now relieved that treatment is commencing. Larry the Lump was well beaten – and remains so.

I also know that Larry's sons - Tommy the Tumour, Dick and Harry have been gearing up all year for a fight and I’ll be taking them on next week, with the first bout of palliative radiotherapy.

I'm scheduled for five treatments (known as 'fractions') on w/c 6th December.
More from me soon after x

5 thoughts on “31-Big balls are not aways desirable”

  1. Sorry to hear your news Warren.
    Pleased to hear that you are still so positive.
    My Brother In Law has just gone through throat cancer this year ( a real drama with covid regs too ), he too has a couple of small tumors on his lungs. I transported him to the cancer centre for his regular tests / check ups (200km round trip). Unfortunately my sister is 81 and not up to that much driving nowadays.
    My thoughts & prayers are with you Warren, keep up that strong attitude mate.
    Best Regards.
    Hooroo, Mike Iley

    G’day Mike – great to hear from you and sorry to hear about your news too. Yep – attitude has a lot to do with it, I reckon.
    Not something I’ve been short of in the past, eh?
    Keep in touch mate.

  2. The title! 😂🙈
    And I’m constantly reassured by Dr Woz’s positive comments 😊 only he could justify a snooker ball being in the lungs as not too bad 😂
    You’ve got this Dad, all the best luck for tomorrow xxx

    The title! 😂🙈 It was a general statement
    Nothing to do with me 😉

  3. Good to hear from you as always Warren.

    I wish you nothing but the very best going forward with your treatment.

    Take care and keep us posted as and when you can.

    Wishing you, Samros and Nisa a very Merry Christmas.

    Hey Will. Thanks for you note and thoughts.
    I’m still planning a trip over in early July, we need to hit Home Cocktail for a very long happy hour mate.

    Best to you and your lovely family for the holidays!

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