5-Hannibal Wozzer

16th April 2020

So this is the start of the preliminary work, before treatment begins in around a month. I’ll be provided with a full schedule of treatment days when I have my mask fitted next week. For now it’s just a couple of x-rays.

Well, one x-ray for teeth and jaw. That was normal.

The MRI was a bit different to what I expected. Not that I knew what to expect…

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and it uses magnetism to build up a picture of whichever part of the body requires errr, imaging.

For head and neck images, one has to be perfectly still. They make sure of that, by literally clamping one’s head in a plastic frame which is then clamped shut. As shown in the photo – just like Hannibal Lecter.

Oh – that’s a stock photo by the way, not quite my profile – yet 😉

Well, it’s painless for sure. But noisy – much more than I expected for such a high-tech piece of kit. I spent around 10 minutes sliding back and forth, while it was clanking and whirring.

Then slide out for an injection of ‘contrast’ dye to be added to by vein, ready for a repeat episode of noise.

I mean, no drama about it – but definitely much more than anything I’ve experienced medically.

Seems this cancer stuff is the real deal…