19-On the right track

13th July 2020

Sorry to be mixing metaphors – from boxing ring to motor racing (or horse racing?), but I’m really pleased to feel I’m on the right track to recovery.

I had the first of my monthly meetings – post treatment, with the ENT team. We discussed how I’m feeling – and they definitely caught me on the best day so far.

My voice is getting stronger and is good for 15 mins or so of conversation, before it weakens. I guess many people would prefer that to be permanent 😉

Still only managing a tiny amount of solids and liquids by mouth, but the team are pleased I’m trying different textures of foods, to see if any work.

My taste buds are effective perhaps 5%, in that I can barely taste anything – but the they seem to work well for things I should enjoy, but now taste awful. Goodies such as marmalade, chocolate and trifles unfortunately fall in this category.

So I’m still with Ms Peggy the PEG for my feeds and medications. I still need the morphine for the left side of my mouth, which continues to be extremely painful.

The thick mucus is subsiding – and that’s a real blessing. In some respects, it’s the worst of all the side effects from the radiology treatment.

The physical examination was good – I had the scope thingy put up my nose again. Not painful at all, but it does make me want to sneeze! Anyway, the doc said things look very good and there didn’t appear to be any sign of Larry the Lump.

We’ll know better about that in September, when I’ll have a full scan.

But for now – I feel I’m definitely on the right track to a knock out.


I’ve just started preparing some fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support

This is going to be by way of their annual ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’ to be held on 25th September 2020. Here’s a promo video of how anyone can host a local event.

Of course – Wozzer has to be different. So I’m hosting a ‘virtual’ coffee morning, with friends, family and of course my wonderful blog subscribers around the world.

I’m planning to combine Zoom Video Meeting and share a meetings link, so that we can see and speak. Timezones won’t be an issue – I’ll do my best to meet you for a coffee, wherever you are in the world.

I’ll update my blog with more details and times as we get closer to the day, but for now there’s some information with an RSVP link here

9 thoughts on “19-On the right track”

  1. Charles Babault

    Very well done Warren, we’re proud of you. For pulling through the way you have and for staying so positive, congrats.

    Thanks Charlie – hopefully catch up on 25th Sept for a cuppa!

  2. David McLurcan

    What an inspirational person you are Wozzer. Hats off to ya fella!! I’ve put in my rsvp for the coffee morning. I may be at sea on that day, but will do my best to make it 👊

    Thanks Dave – hope you can make it.
    Ps I’ve been all at sea for years!!

  3. Such good news Warren such positive vibes all the way through. Very proud of you.

    I will try my best to make the coffee morning on the 25th September, but will speak to you before.

    Take care and stay safe. xxxxxxxxxx

    Hope we do make it for a cuppa, Jean x

  4. You’re doing amazingly well, dad! We’re all very proud!

    Great idea to host the coffee morning – I’ll be at work but we do a school-wide coffee morning on that day so will certainly be joining in with that!


    Have some oatcakes ready as well 🙂 xxx

  5. YES to being on the right track! I’m always up for a cuppa – will you be providing the biccies?! xx

    Biccies will be virtual as well 😉

  6. Nice to read your updates very helpful and great news re your follow up meeting, lovely to hear you on the right tracks….enjoy your first bite of chocolate !!!! Paul finished treatment last Friday, but unfortunately they were unable to fit a peg due to it not fixing to stomach, so trying to drink the bottles which prove difficult due to the coughing and mucus. Plus like you has an extremely burnt blistered neck , do you have any tips on the coughing etc, he has a neubuliser. Many thanks Jane

    Hi Jane. Thanks for your note and glad that my experience are of some help to others – even if not the exact same, it’s good to have a comparison. I’ll PM you with some more details.

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