30-What’s best for cancer recovery – Bloody Mary’s or Morphine?

23 Sept 2021

I have to say that since my last blog post back in July – I’ve had a quite enjoyable summer!

I did receive my old-age pensioner bus pass and as if to prove I’m more than qualified for one, I promptly forgot and lost it somewhere – and never even used the dammed thing.

I think the gods are telling me that even though I’ve reached the ‘age’ – I really shouldn’t have one!

So I reckon I’ll remain bus pass-less for the time being.

My 66th birthday on July 22nd was spent in London, on a glorious sunny day.

It started as all great days should, with an amazingly good Bloody Mary for breakfast at Dishoom in Covent Garden. Dishoom is a very stylish Bombay-styled Indian restaurant, with a twist. It serves both fusion and traditional breakfasts - as well as all-day dining.

This was followed by some splendid wine and tapas with daughter Rachel at a riverside eatery by Battersea Power Station (what a change from my days when I lived in London in the 60’s and 70’s).

Finishing up with a night-time Thanes Clipper boat ride through the west end; city and docklands to my hotel that evening – it was a truly magnificent day.

Remembering back to last year’s birthday outing, when I fell off a bike during a family bicycle ride, being full of morphine at that time didn’t help, although to be fair, I didn’t feel much pain. This year’s dulling of pain by vodka and tomato juice was quite tasty, but sometimes I do miss morphine for the high 😉

Also remembering back to September of last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the all-day Zoom video calls from friends and family around the world in aid of the Macmillan Cancer charity and its ‘World’s Biggest Coffee morning’ fundraiser. It was in the middle of Covid lockdowns and restrictions, so having people for coffee and baking cakes was out of the question.

Honestly this year, the thought of me baking cakes is equally out of the question!

But taking over the mantle for 2021 my is my lovely daughter Verity, who is opening her house tomorrow morning (24th September) and baking cakes to raise funds. This is her link – not sure if she can post cakes out, but feel free to ask!

As for me – progress continues with my throat and I’m eating much better now. Mouth isn’t so dry these days and that helps enormously.

Although to be fair, even stage 3 throat cancer was unlikely to stop me eating and talking for too long!

Right now though, there’s no new news on my secondary cancer, but I have a further CAT scan and meeting with the other, proper Dr Wozzer in a few weeks’ time, so I’ll update my blog following that.

In the meantime, wherever you are in the world – do take good care of yourselves in these uncertain times. x

5 thoughts on “30-What’s best for cancer recovery – Bloody Mary’s or Morphine?”

  1. Always great to have an update from you Warren, great to see you in the summer and glad you enjoyed the time touring and seeing family and friends, take care love Neil and Marie xx

    That was a great night mate!

  2. So glad you had a great time out and a wonderful “breakfast.” The clipper boat ride on the Thanes reminds me of a trip I took to Niagara Falls. The entire Canadian side of the falls is lite the same way at night. We do have a beautiful world – I just hope someday we will all be able to travel to some wonderful new sites. Wishing you the best with your upcoming CAT scan. Keep up your wonderful positive attitude!

    As a Londoner who moved away in over 40 years ago, I have to say the changes over the years have been for the better! The night trip on the Thames should be marketed as an attraction in its own right.

  3. Hey Woz,
    Great to hear that things are going well for you. Happy belated Birthday my friend and so happy that you had an amazing day.
    As you know, we are still in full lockdown here, Brett has been working from home for some months now but hopefully, ( for my sanity and his continuing to live), he will be back in the office next month. Oh how I would love to be in the insanity that is Hanoi having a cold one at the legends bar and just taking it all in. Hopefully next year.
    Take care and will hopefully talk soon. xoxo

    Hey Di
    Yep, Legends bar is a fantastic watering hole. I’m hoping for at least one more trip over – hopefully in June 2022 – covid and treatment permitting x

  4. Glad to hear you’re progressing well Woz!

    Yeah, not so bad at the moment mate. Hope you two are keeping well and hope to catch up again soon

  5. that was a great birthday meal by the river! and I’m really glad you listened to me and went to Dishoom! 🙂 all things crossed for the Oct appointments xxx

    Of course – I always listen to you 😉

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